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Team Members

Mr. Steve A. Sanderson


Mr. Dilip Chhugera

Managing Director

Ms. Bina Chhugera

Executive Director, India

Mr. Harshad Rajadhyax

Design Director, India- UAE

Mr. Digambar Naik

Basic Info

Gender: Male
Title: Project Architect
Qualification: Bachelor of Architecture


Mr. Digambar Naik has a combined design and execution experience with Sanderson Group. A thorough architectural professional, he shoulders the responsibility of design development and documentation for all Sanderson India projects. His strength lies in design detailing while keeping the design intent intact and ensuring ease of construction on site. Few projects he was actively involved include Salimgarh-Dark Ride at Adlabs Imagica, Appughar- Themed FEC at Gurgaon, Balaji Hindu Temple at New Jersey, Amazia CN theme park, club and water park at Surat and Dubai Parks and Resorts.

Mr. Rakesh Bharmoria

Basic Info

Gender: Male
Title: Project Manager
Qualification: Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)
Diploma in Mechanical with specialization in Industrial & Production Engineering.
Certificate in Mechanical with specialization in Automobile Engineering.


Mr. Rakesh Bharmoria has over 12 years of experience in Engineering & Manufacturing Industries in India and currently holding the position of Project Manager in Sanderson Group India. His vast experience has enabled him in managing overall plant operations for production and quality targets, man-management, lean Implementation and cost management facilitating the smooth functioning of overall production operations and enhance operational efficiency. During his tenure with Sanderson Group, Rakesh has contributed his rich experience towards various projects such as Hindu Temple USA, Adlabs Imagica, Esselworld, Kingdom of Dreams, Smaash FEC’s ITC Group, Amaazia Water Park, Dubai Parks and Resorts, Dubai. Warner Brothers Theme Park, Abu Dhabi etc.

Mr. Ramchandra Hegonde

Basic Info

Gender: Male
Title: Contract Manager
Qualification: PGPIDM / NICMAR
Bachlor Of Engineering (Civil Engineer)


Mr. Ramchandra Hegonde, having a strong background of 16 years’ experience, and currently is the Contract Manager at Sanderson Group in India leading an equally skillful team. He has been strong support towards Project Management, Project Control, Contracts Management for Sanderson Group. Few Projects in which he was actively involved includes Dubai Parks & Resorts, Warner Bros. Abu Dhabi, IREO Mixed-use Project, Oberoi Three Sixty West, Lodha The Park, One Hiranandani Park, Lodha New Cuffe Parade, Lodha Mira Road etc.
His qualifications include a Bachelor of Engineering in Civil and his comprehensive skill and diversity in thoughts enable him to perform well in all projects.