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Quality Management System

Quality Assurance

Sanderson Group Project Management System

The QA/QC Manual is documented in the following sections, namely:

  • Quality Management System

    Overview of the Quality System implemented. It details the organizational structure, responsibilities, procedures, processes and the necessary actions ensuring that Sanderson Group products and services satisfy our customers’ requirements. Where required, a Project Quality Plan (PQP) shall be prepared.

  • Process and Procedures

    Details the actions, standard forms, responsibilities, and authority for each department as well as the work procedures to be adopted.

  • Project Quality Plan (PQP)

    Prepared on a project‐by‐project basis to reflect the unique nature and the scope of individual contracts and reference the QA/QC Manual.

For this process to be effective, all personnel within the organization shall be fully committed to and conversant with the objectives and policies of Sanderson Group and shall fully comply with the requirements of the Quality Assurance System.

Quality Measures